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About Us

About Us

EFB Consulting & Investment is a young and dynamic service company with a German background.

More than 6,800 German speaking companies are active in Turkey. Our goal is to advise and support companies from German-speaking countries in Turkey in their activities.

We help you in the areas of investment, renewable energy, productions and trade to the necessary advance information, evaluations and legal and tax issues to evaluate.

For this we work with a very extensive team consisting of the, engineering, energy, lawyers, tax consultants, accountants and financial experts.

This, we enable a transparent, discreet and reliable start of business relations in Turkey.

Also as 3rd part control of negotiations, productions, project management and investments, we accompany you to protect your interests.

We hear, we see and we know, for you.




We are guiding and guiding you in your renewable energy projects.

Law Consulting

Law Consulting

We advise you on all legal issues with our expert lawyers.



With our authorized financial and tax experts, we support you in Finance and Tax issues.



We provide you with planned advice and support for partnerships and collaborations.

Project Development

Project Development

With our competent team, we provide reliable and competent consulting support for your projects.



We offer tips and tans related to investment in many sectors in Turkey.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Primarily, our goal is to avoid problems and to recognize them as far as possible. In order to make this possible, we rely on the most accurate information possible. However, should there be a problem, we intervene here and prepare a plan of action that will be progressively completed (Legal Status, Project Status and Tax Status). Accordingly, all possibilities are balanced and presented to you. Subsequently, we can initiate the implementation of the proposed solutions after commissioning.

We advise our clients specifically and individually for the Turkish market. This is very extensive as the customer determines the exact industry for his investment. We also give customers investment proposals that have been scrutinized and evaluated by us.

We have a very extensive team, which is specially structured for investments in Turkey.

Consisting of; Lawyers, engineers, tax advisers, appraisers, former bureaucrats and financial experts. We work closely with authorities we economy ministry, customs ministry, interior ministry and the president for investment. It allows us a wide network to provide a reputable and reliable base for your investments.

No, we advise and support German-speaking companies that have investments, trading and product partners in Turkey. Our goal is to advise German-speaking companies in their individual project (Turkey). Thus, we would like to consolidate the economic and trade relations between German Turkish partners.

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