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Investment in Turkey

Investment in Turkey

Why are you investing in Turkey?

Turkey has always been interesting and a very important country for Europe.

The link between Orient and Occident is trade on the Silk Road. Historically and economically, in Asia Minor (Turkey), it has always been at the center of world affairs. Turkey is an important economic and strategic partner for Europe.

The cooperation between Germany (German-speaking region) is deeply rooted in history. The first encounters with the Turkish administration from Asia Minor already started in the 11th century. About 140 years ago, the first trade agreements between the German Reich and the Ottoman Empire were made.

Turkey, due to its geographical location as an important strategic location for global and local companies.

As stated in the history; Orient and Occident's connection and melting point. A melting pot of trade, culture, beliefs and traditions.

Turkey has developed positively last 16 years with a very strong economic growth. With an average economic growth of 7%, continuous growth can be observed. Over the last few decades, the country has left behind many fluctuations in politics as well as in the economy and has restructured itself over and over again. In August 2018, Turkey's economy stumbled heavily. Together with a strong decline in the value of the Turkish lira approximately 40% of Turkey's economy remained extremely sluggish, and began to cool as a whole. The central bank's interest rate was raised to 24%, and tax cuts in various sectors resulted in inflation adjusted to a steady sinking level.

Of course, this can be described as a quiet economic crisis as it presents a new and lucrative opportunity for international companies. Turkey is a country dependent on international investment. There are new opportunities for investors and companies for future projects and investments. Planning and examination of investments to be monitored are the cornerstones of successful short, medium and long term investments. Considering its geographical situation, promising that Turkey's influence in the immediate vicinity and the clearly visible. As the recent events in Turkey's economy is the fact that they have a strong investment appeal of production. Low wages in the European labor market due to sinking property prices and comparison are a very profitable production area.

Investment in Turkey