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What are the advantages of real estate investment in Turkey for foreign investors?

What are the advantages of real estate investment in Turkey for foreign investors?

Turkey is one of the most promising real estate markets in Europe. It is strategically located in the middle of Europe, the Middle East and Central Asia. and is home to 83 million citizens. With a population of 83 million, Turkey offers great opportunities for real estate developers and investors by combining a large construction sector with growing commercial and industrial production.

We provide real estate consultancy services in Turkey with our expert team, collaborations and partnerships for your Real Estate Investments. With an in-depth understanding of the interplay between capital valuation, asset valuation and ever-changing market trends, we offer you tailored investment strategies along with factual information about the Turkish real estate industry.

We work hard to create investment strategies for our clients, to help them meet their needs and achieve their financial goals.

Some advantages awaiting investors who want to invest in Real Estate in Turkey, an investment paradise:

-If the value of the property is 250 thousand dollars, it is possible to apply for Turkish citizenship and this is one of the most important advantages of buying a property in our country.

-Obtaining a real estate residence permit. Opportunity to obtain a strong Turkish passport in the international arena after obtaining Turkish citizenship.

-Turkey's strategic location is favorable, thus opening the way for investors to connect their foreign investments between the East and the West.

-An attractive profitable return in our country, where you can rent apartments at high prices in many seasons throughout the year.

-It is a safe, comfortable and beautiful place where the investor can live comfortably.

-To enable children, who are the architects of the future, to study at Turkish universities with the existence of international schools in different languages ​​and scientific references.

-A conservative environment similar to Eastern and Arabian traditions.

What are the advantages of real estate investment in Turkey for foreign investors?